Bureau Veritas

Interactive design


Today, every object that surrounds us is certified thanks to the world leader in compliance: Bureau Veritas. I took responsibility for creating the global interface of the website as well as experiential pages. It was a very collaborative project not only thanks to the day to day interaction with the developers, but also thanks to sketching workshops with Bureau Veritas’ representatives during the course of the project.


Design system

Thanks to the "atomic design" method, Bureau Veritas can re-use components to design new customized pages ensuring overall graphic consistency. It is an identity and proprietary typography which has variable thickness and aliasing. To support it, the Source Sans Pro typography is simple and modern as a secondary font. The sizes of the typographies used correspond to the golden ratio. The "atomic method" uses the style guide to ensure consistency of the website with the graphic identity of the project. It allows keeping homogeneous characteristics of each design component: font size, colors, margins, etc. and makes the developers’ jobs easier. The red color is more modern, more dynamic and attributable to the brand. The color duo is voluntarily contrasted as the red is combined with the black. The red identifies clickable actions of the Bureau Veritas ecosystem. Black and shades of gray are used for what is to be read.