Lux Residence

Interactive design


When looking for an exception property, not just a beautiful property, we want more, we want to fall in love with the property. We want an exceptional story, anecdotes that we do not find anywhere else. We want to discover, to dream, and to be inspired. This website is an optimized experience, there are two modes of navigation: exploratory and inspirational. The inspiring visuals allow users to navigate through the various properties. The homepage inspires future customers by suggesting beautiful properties.


Design system

The luxury universe is designed through a clean interface with great visuals. Two typographies are used: Univers ST as the main one and Playfair is used sparingly. The color palette is refined to establish a premium environment with a special emphasis on white space. Finally, the colors are inspired by luxury materials and reference classic materials such as stone and marble. With this design system, we have internally created a system that Lux Residence can use, build upon and update.


Inspirational concept

The central tool of the website is the exploration mode, it is a guide that goes beyond the standards of real estate. This inspirational mode will allow people without specific ideas to discover properties and offer a fresh prospective on lifes’ destinations.


Immersive interface

The goal was to create an immersive way to explore all these homes. We have simplify the interface to improve the user experience. Above all else this mode was created for the users. We have adjusted the structure to improve the user: a simple interface structure.