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Scenography & design

Idemia, technology and security
IDEMIA’s ambition is to enable a secure and trusted environment for citizens and consumers alike to perform their daily critical activities. The company is moving to new offices where a showroom is set-up. This experimental showroom of 300m2 is designed to present the various offers from the company through 8 universes.

The showroom
When entering the showroom, the entrance wall is decorated with a several meters sticker, a airy graphic scheme evocative of movement, to represent Native Security of Idemia. Eight universes are accessible to the visitor: Home, retail, counter, arena, office, security agency, connected world, airport. Different signage items guide the visitor within the different universes of the showroom.

Interactive screens
For each universe, the visitor gets access to totems where a touchscreen is accessible. It will allow the visitor to discover the various universes with related technical information for each proposed product offering from Idemia to his clients.

At the same time Idemia has been willing to launch its new website, designed at the same time as the showroom, to present its products offering. Purple and Gray colors relate to the secured technology offered by Idemia.

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