Tremplin jeunes talents 2017 Art direction

Du Côté de Chez Vous

UX design, art direction, interactive design


The competition : tremplin jeunes talents
Du Côté de Chez Vous is the creative label from Leroy Merlin. Students, designers, craftmen and makers are invited to design and execute original projects to invent the home of the future.
The first phase of this launching pad consisted in collecting submitted projects and 20 projects were selected. Web users had the option to vote for the project they favour.

Creative concept
Our creative concept got inspired from the DIY mechanics spirit. For the design of the contest’s logo, we have created a typography based on modules. It allows to highlight the Open design concept. The use of a Green Blue gradient express evolution and modernity. White brings light and freshness. Dark Blue strengthens readability and relates to a a more serious technical background. The Mechanics concept allows for modular shapes, which fit together thanks to nodes or screws, to highlight the concept of manufacturing, assemble and DIY.

Group 2Group 2
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