Tremplin Jeunes Talents

Du Côté de Chez Vous is the creative label from Leroy Merlin. The brand is willing to get the support from a community of a new generation of designers. Du cote de chez vous has therefore issued an RfP to all young designers keen on the Home. Students, designers, craftmen, makers and self-educated DIYers aged below 30 are invited to design and execute original projects to invent the home of the future.

Du Côté de Chez Vous

UX Design, art direction

A community of a new generation of designers
The first phase of this launching pad consisted in collecting submitted projects. Participants were able to submit their projects directly online through a dedicated website. 20 projects out of the 300 proposed were selected. These 20 teams had to design templates and issue reports in a dedicated blog available on the same website as the one of the launching pad. Web users had the option to vote for the project they favour. We then organized the awards, for which we had to think about the scenography, flyers, brochures, bags, cups, etc.

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