Leroy Merlin

Brand identity, art direction
& 360° design


Du Côté de Chez Vous

Leroy Merlin set up Du Côté de Chez Vous in order to identify talented creators but moreover promote their work. This is how, Du Côté de Chez Vous has become the reference for home DIY. It is also why has been dedicated to the promotion of creators and their creations, to the inspiration and evolution of practices. For Du Côté de Chez Vous, I have created the new visual identity of the brand, the website, all digital content, print and all event elements (exhibitions, events, merchandising). The editorial website has been created for articles from creative and passionate professionals, with mobile in mind first.

The identity

I have redesigned the brand identity and transposed it in 360 °: from the digital, to the print up to the event. The extreme purified style of this new identity has been driven by the willingness to not distort the proposed creations.  The black and white is enhanced by a fluorescent green which adds a touch of dynamism and freshness. This colourful trio is a continuation of the graphic charter of Leroy Merlin but with more modernity. Straight and linear shapes are used both in structured and non-structured ways to bring relief and modernity to the items or to highlight an item.



This editorial website includes inspirational articles related to design and housing. It was designed for mobile first because this device accounted for 80% of the web traffic. The homepage differs from the rest of the website. The wish was that the articles "on the front page" of this homepage are constantly visible while scrolling. Thus when scrolling, the left part of the page with these items remains static.

Atomic design

We had not designed pages, we have designed systems of components. The design was achived entirely in atomic design in order to optimize the work of UX and UI, and to offer a greater flexibility in terms of evolution of the website.