Louis Vuitton

Interactive design
& art direction


Even today, each dream finds its luxury case provided it is transportable. From the astonishing collection of legendary trunks to iconic bags, dedication to craftsmanship and quality remains a sure bet throughout the Louis Vuitton website. Imagined through a design-system that we created, connects users to this art of prestigious creation. The website both, puts forward its products, and also its art of living and its collections throughout the Magazine.

Design system

Having a design system that other people could use, build upon, and extend internally gives the client the freedom to create flexibility. And for that, working closely with clients and technologists was essential. The Louis Vuitton website is made up of a lot of elements grouped together in a design system which was created during this project. Based on the Atomic Design approach, its components are built with a hierarchy in mind. The design system utilizes an chic typography expressing a minimal and elegant aesthetic. It is an identity and proprietary typography. The system allows a modular scale (in a dynamic table) which converts the font size according to the device. All the sizes correspond to the eight point rule. The brand system utilizes a soft color palette coupled with primary colors.


To illustrate new sections of the website with a new ergonomic concept of navigation, it will highlight timely content, customizable by regional needs as applicable. The objective is to have better organised and labeled sections, consistent e-commerce, encourage product discovery (including latest drops), optimize flows for repeat visits and therefore increase value for members, & highlight services.


Magazine : conception
& identity

I came up with the identity of, and produced the Louis Vuitton Magazine. It had to represent both the elegance of the Louis Vuitton, keeping the codes of luxury with modernity but also stand out visually from the rest of the website. This Magazine shows works of art, so the identity of the Louis Vuitton Magazine does not interfere with the creations represented.


Magazine :
an experience

The user experience of this part prioritizes simplicity: removing the superfluous and focusing on the essentials. All the experiences evolve from access to articles to “sort by” filters, as well as its content. A slight e-commerce dimension, incorporated through these inspirational articles, fits in the Magazine. Today, Louis Vuitton expresses itself through this, thanks to its limited editions created by the greatest contemporary designers of today.


Online appointment

Louis Vuitton wants to enable customers (customers & prospects) to book online store appointments, providing an access to a customer experience. This will drive qualified traffic to the store, making the process easier.

Product pages

For luxury items, this page is where customers come to dream about products, engage with a brand and when ready to make a decision, will purchase it or see it in a store. Especially true in luxury, products pages need to be part immersive and part persuasive across a longer process. So, we have created an experience that inherently is sensorial on a digital platform. Exploration is focused on multiple ways that clients can experience a scent without the in-store sensory experience.


Modular approach

With a modular approach, the product grid layout allows multiple visual combinations. The creation of the different modules of the page makes it possible to meet the different needs of Louis Vuitton. For example, responding to the e-merch constraints; having related content so as to create rhythm in the page; telling a story around the corresponding products with editorial modules; and highlighting specific products associated to a campaign.


Virtual try on

Thanks to augmented reality, the virtual try on tool gives the possibility to try products at home. Once the camera is activated, the client can try different virtual frames and see which one fits best. The key objectives are to optimize the customer experience, increase visitors engagement, boost conversions and reduce returns.

Product sharing

Louis Vuitton provides the clients with personal advisor services. It allows to reinforce the relationship between Client Advisors and Clients through curated inspirational content supporting store & site site KPIs on the application. Easy to use and simple to understand, product sharing is the first tool in overall communication with clients.